January 20, 2019

Sometimes in all the craziness of life, we forget to create on our relationships.  Putting together a special date night for your partner, is the perfect way to remind the other person and yourself what you mean to each other. It’s also a great break for each other to really add some enjoyment in the day to day.

Depending on what type of person you are, or maybe you are both, I came up with some great ideas for the more home bodies or adventurers.


Having a paint night at home is a fun and creative way to enjoy each other’s company. Throw on some music and just chat with one another. NEVER have the television on in the background while on a home date. I know it’s easy to just throw it on, but DON’T DO IT!

Besides going to take a cooking class, which is very fun, you could also cook something fun together at home. Go to the asian market near your house and pick up everything you need to make sushi at home, or you can learn how to make pasta from scratch here and have a fun italian night! You can make different flavored ice creams (you can buy cheap ice cream makers on or crepes, this list goes on!

A great way to have a couple’s date night at home, is to host a wine tasting party! You can have everyone bring one of their favorite bottles of wine, and cover the label with a wine bag or piece of paper and everyone can rate their favorite. Look on Pinterest for a printable rating sheet!


My husband and I like to do things from both of these lists, but we always tend to have the most fun when we do something adventurous outside, although they do tend to cost more money, so a good balance helps the pocket book.

One year, I took my husband to trapeze school and we swung on those polls up high and did all kinds of fancy tricks! At fist I thought it would be pretty fun, but it ended up being one of our most favorite activities.

For our first Valentine’s day, my husband took me skeet shooting as a surprise! Highly recommend it!

For one birthday, he took me indoor skydiving at universal studios. That was seriously so much fun! I was a little in my head cause it was my last year in my 20’s and for some reason I was bummed about it. It totally got me out of my head and I was back enjoying life!

Other great date ideas are going to a theme park, bowling, laser tag (this is so fun and you can get competitive with one another!!), paintball, and a helicopter ride. Groupon is a great place to get ideas and not spend a fortune.

One idea I read about on Pinterest, that sounded so fun (and will be my next date idea…if my husband doesn’t read this blog post) is to do a water or nerf gun fight.  You wait for you partner to leave the house for work or an errand. When they get home, there is a note on the door and a filled water/nerf gun. The note says something to the effect of “Welcome Home. 1. This water/nerf gun is yours. 2. I have one too, and as of now, you are under attack!”  Obviously, if you’re doing a water gun fight you may want to direct them to the backyard.

Hope these give you some fun ideas for some awesome dates. And if you get pregnant after one of these dates, if it’s a girl, you should name her Cassandre! 😉 Or you know what name to curse into the air.

Have any great date ideas of your own? Share them with us in the comments below!

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