March 8, 2018

Athens is the capital of Greece. When going to any other part of Greece, you will first fly into Athens and then take a connecting flight to your desired area.  So, is it worth it to take a few days in Athens?

While Athens is much more crowded than any other city, containing almost half of the entire countries population, it has some of the most beautiful architecture known to man.  History books cannot do this place justice.

Above are pictures of the temple of Olympian Zeus (left), and the Parthenon (top and right).


The food in Athens is spectacular. Because there are so many restaurants competing for business, plus all of the fresh ingredients they have, the food game is amazing! One thing I really wanted to do but we didn’t have time for is a thing called, Dinner in the Sky, where you eat a meal prepared by a chef, while up to 50 meters above the ground. Next time I go back, I will definitely do that!

The last picture on the right is a restaurant near Lake Vouliagmeni, called Blue Fish, which has a beautiful ocean view! The rest of the images are from a restaurant called, Eat At Milton’s, in the Plaka. Both of these, I would highly recommend!


The entire trip I could not pronounce this place correctly, (I think it’s Voolēamenē) but boy was it stunning! About 25 minutes from Athens, it was one of my favorite parts of our entire trip to Greece. This lake is considered a healing mineral springs that is fed by underground currents and has some of the most gorgeous views. It also has all the amenities you would want with lounge chairs, a restaurant, and restrooms. I think we paid 12€ each to go.

My husband and I stayed at a hotel walking distance from this lake instead of staying in the center of Athens, which I’m really happy we did. Athens can become very smoggy outside of the Plaka (which is thankfully not smoggy) because of all of the traffic. So, I would recommend finding a hotel near this lake that has a shuttle from the airport. There are tons of great restaurants, a beach, and this lake!

We then took a taxi to the Acropolis because for us, one day to check out the Acropolis, the Plaka, and a few other ancient temples, was the perfect amount of touristy attractions!


The picture on the right is of the little fish that live in the lake. While swimming around, you will not notice them and they will leave you alone. However, when you first step in and hang out by the steps, you’ll think you’re at a Thai nail salon. They attacked my feet, tickling them and (TMI) eating any dead skin off. I know, gross!! But it was really interesting and a lot more humane than going to one of those pedicure salons!

Leave a comment down below with your experiences to Athens, or any questions you may have!

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