With over 7 years experience creating content from development to post production, I am well versed in the needs of these shoots. I specialize in especially culinary and art, and design content. I am one of the few culinary producers with a culinary degree who also works as a recipe developer and food stylist and has produced over 100+ videos including for my own YouTube channel (link below.)  This extensive knowledge has made it so that I am able to predict all of the necessary needs of any shoot and am able to execute these projects with great understanding.


I’ve developed recipes for many different company websites, cookbooks, social media content and more.  And these recipes have ranged anywhere from desserts, full meals, fun kids bento boxes…and anything in between. I also bartended through my culinary degree, so have a fondness for making fun cocktail recipes! Please email me for rates on the contact page.


After culinary school, I worked behind the scenes on culinary shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, and discovered that I enjoyed the production side of cooking the most. I worked for years as a culinary producer, helping build YouTube channels, including my own; develop commercials with my husbands and my production company, Black Bear Productions; and food styling and recipe developing for a variety of different projects.

I now have worked as a food stylist and recipe developer for over 5 years. I love the artistic and creative side of my job, and love that every project and day is different, with new challenges to think through.  I love having to problem solve ways to make the most stand out dishes, and I think it shows in my work. Please email me for rates on the contact page.